You will take part in a wedding ceremony that is truly an expression of your love and commitment. Dr. Caldwell will assist you to choose from already carefully crafted ceremonies or help you to create your own unique ritual.

Whether you wish to

  •  Select a traditional ceremony
  •  Design a ceremony using our resource materials
  •  Create your own ceremony entirely
  •  Write your own vows using a process designed to reach the heart
  •  Avoid or include any mention of God or anything religious
  •  Have a deeply spiritual ceremony 

...we can work it out. Every couple is unique. It is important for all present to feel included in the loving feelings that you share. As your guide to creating a perfect wedding, Dr. Caldwell works with you to bring those loving feelings into the ceremony.

Your relationship is truly more than the sum of its parts. With each other, you will achieve your own potential more fully. In hard times, you will comfort each other; in good times, the sharing of joy will increase its richness. You will bring to each other an awareness of beauty and an appreciation of life.

Perhaps you would like friends or family members to participate by doing a short reading--their selection, or we can suggest possibilities.

Perhaps you’re not sure about music or songs to use--we have a library of various types of appropriate songs. We can even provide a CD player - and, for a small fee, we can provide a PA system; even if there is no electricity available.

Perhaps there is a child, or children, that will be part of your family--we can suggest ways to include them in the ceremony.

Perhaps you have been together a long time and are not only participating in a marriage, but also a renewal of all things that first brought you together and that has kept you together all these years--Dr. Caldwell will help you acknowledge all you have shared as well as to look forward to this next part of your relationship--a time where mistakes and regrets are left behind and where you celebrate all that you mean to each other.

Dr. Caldwell’s philosophy is this: This day is about YOU--not the minister, not your families, not your friends, but you.

© Linda Caldwell 2015