Belief Statement

Only LOVE Is Spoken Here!

What we believe...

We are an All-Faith organization that acknowledges that God Speaks through many teachers, east and west, ancient and contemporary.

We honor all religions and beliefs and encourage people to search for their own truth through utilization of the Wisdom of the Ages. God doesn't have a religion, but is in all religions and Spiritual paths.

Our mission:  Experiencing and celebrating our loving connection with God and one another.

We believe there is a power in the Universe greater than we are and that we can use it. That power can be called by any name.  In our services we call it God or Spirit.

We accept the teaching of Jesus Christ that the "kingdom of heaven is within" and, therefore, encourage prayer and meditation as the foundation for a life of abundant harmony, peace and joy.

We believe that we are all one in spirit.

We believe that if you change your thinking, you can change your life...and you can do this by the proper  use of affirmations.

We believe that being non-judgmental and practicing forgiveness is the key to happiness.

We believe that what we give, whether it be love, talent, time or money, circulates back to us and...

We believe that love is the greatest power in the universe.

© Linda Caldwell 2015